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30 Days of Meditation: Anatomy of a Yoga Challenge. Day 5 & 6

Updated: Jan 9

I did meditate on day 5. I just never had a chance to blog , or even journal about it. As much as I would love to practice yoga and teach yoga and study yoga write about yoga, the reality is sometimes I can't. I have a job that feeds my soul (yoga) and a job that fills my wallet (and on it's better days, my soul). Both require dedication and responsibility. One requires a set number of dedicated hours as part of the contract I made with my employer. Some days that takes priority over the things I really want to do. So Day5 mediation was practiced in my bed. With my body aching from the colder weather and a poor nights sleep. I did not want to get out of bed. I did not particularly want to meditate. But I did. Under the covers, head on my pillow, and honestly fading in and out of sleep a little bit. I thought about writing my experience for the better part of the morning, until I realized that thought was hanging over me like a grey cloud. So I let it go. I meant the moment for what it was and the day became a whole lot brighter.

Today was different. Today I was ready to wake. I was ready to sit. I was still in my body and open in my heart. As I journaled the words flowed from my purple pen. Two things stood out for me today. First, the sankalpa that I made on New Year's Day became my anchor. Whenever I found myself wandering, I would return to those two words, and a smile would spontaneously spread across my face. I can actually feel the sankalpa carving out a permanent space in my heart. Second the words Love and Gratitude came up repeatedly in my journaling. My heart truly feels open to possibility. As for gratitude, I felt it most when my husband was too loud in the kitchen. I felt it again when my dog climbed in my and decided she needed o kiss my face. I felt it when my mind wandered to how blessed I am to have kids who still come back and forth from college and kids that are buying houses and settling into communities and making their way. I felt it every time I came back to my sankalpa.

I guess what I am saying is that there will be distraction. There will be days when you body hurts, and when obligation prevents you from doing everything you want to do and more of what you have to do. Still all of it is your reality. To do anything but embrace it is a fruitless effort. The practice of yoga will meet you where you are. You simply have to be ready to accept it.

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