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30 Days of Meditation: Anatomy of a Yoga Challenge. Day 7, 8 &9

Day 7 ended the mediations on Anamaya Kosha. But the big revelation for me was the way that final asana practice felt. I made it into the studio for a warm vinyasa class. Now I know that yoga is perfect. We did not need to add goats, or wine, or heat. Having said that, the heat felt really good. It's cold in Michigan, and grey, so very very grey, so a little infrared heat from time to time is a really nice way to warm the body. I also enjoy a little light heat during my practice. It is good for he body to sweat. Mindful movement in a heated room can be good for the muscles and joints as well. After that practice I truly felt like I had shed the old, which was the prefect set up for Day 8, the beginning of Pranayama Kosha.

Pranayama Kosha translates as Life Force Sheath or Layer. This layer is accessed through the physical breath which, through awareness, becomes pranayama. With the heaviness of my body shed, the lightness of my life-force energy is free to flow, and flow it has been. To be honest I have felt a little more anxious as this energy moves through me in a more felt way. I have felt more pressure to sit and journal and blog. So, I am stepping back. Not from the practice, but from the blogging. I will check in at lest weekly as the challenge move forward, but I have had a realization that when personal things are made too public, there is something lost. In a world where everyone wants to be heard, I think I will sit quietly, and meditate.

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