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30 Days of Meditation: Anatomy of a Yoga Challenge. Days 10-14

I just completed a week of meditation on Pranamaya Kosha, the energy sheath. Back on say ten I decided that blogging every day was actually taking away from my meditation experience. I found my self trying so hard to remember the things I wanted to share that I was missing the point of meditaion. Also, posting about it everyday on Instagram felt a little odd. Not that I'm opposed. I will be posting about this blog in a few minutes. I understand that insta is a great way to share ideas, and hopefully awareness to things one might not otherwise be exposed to. Just this morning I added four new accounts to follow on the recommendation of my friend Meagan -@meaganfrancis @reinventmidlife @the momhour - and now I've given you three accounts to follow that may be new to you. It's just that as I meditate deeper into the koshas I am finding it more difficult to share what feels so personal. I guess what I'm trying to say it that we don't have to give it all away. The experience is still as meaningful if you don't share it, maybe even more so.

Focusing on Pranamaya Kosha this past week felt amazing. I felt spacious and at ease from day one. However, by day 12 I noticed that I was feeling a little scattered. I skipped the guided meditation that day and chose a more grounding Mudra and Mantra practice. On days 13 & 14 I practiced the YogaLife offering but kept the Mudra to help me remain grounded while delving into the energetic. I used Adhi Mudra, but Bhu Mudra would also be nice here as both are simple gestures that are pretty easy to hold. Both @induauroraoffial and Joseph LePage have amazing Mudra books that you can order on line. I use them together, often cross referencing , and I am honored to have studied with both teachers.

On day 13 I sent a message to Brooke at YogaLife letting her know that the meditaion had landed very sweetly and lovingly. My Soul at ease. She replied "get excited for week 3", and I can't wait!

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