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Using the principles of Yoga to assist others on their healing journey


Why Yoga Therapy?


~Mental Wellbeing - tools for stress, anxiety & depression

~Pregnancy - from preconception to postnatal

~Women's Health - for every season of life.

~Grief - tools for moving through the stages of grief

~Acute & Chronic Pain - tools for alternate pain relif.


Through private sessions, the client and the Yoga Therapist work together by setting specific goals and creating a sustainable practice. Through the use of breathwork, mindfulness and movement, we will create a ritual of self-care, that meets you where you are, and aleviates suffering. Whatever your reason for seeking treatment, together we will explore your individual needs, to create space for healing.

Return to that calm place within yourself, and rediscover your wholeness.

Mission Statement:
To bridge the gap between holistic healing and traditional healthcare.

Vison Statement:
To use the principles of yoga to assist people in their healing journey. To accompany others as they rediscoverer health and wholeness.

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